Steps to follow for submission of Analysis Request :


  • Step 1:
  • Register
  • Step 2:
  • Login
  • Step 3:
  • Select analytical insturment as per requirement
  • Step 4:
  • Select additional analysis (if required)
  • Step 5:
  • Select another instrument (if required)
  • Step 6:
  • After submitting all the information, view and review the total analysis charges
  • Step 7:
  • After reviewing (If your organization is Govt. or Academy please upload letter on departmental letterhead from competant authority HOD, Phd supervisor, etc), press submit.
  • Step 8:
  • Request will be reviewed at SEAF and approval will be communicated to user
  • Step 9:
    • Track the request status under Request Status tab at user dashboard.
    • After recieving approval, make payment through NEFT and provide details by clicking Add Payment Details button
  • Step 10:
  •  After receiving payment verification, send samples by post or in-person along with pdf generated at this step.
  • Step 11:
  •  Analysis will be carried out and report will be sent by email.

    Order Flowchart